The Artist

Ibrahima Samaké, called Boura, comes from the Bambara tribe from the region of Segu in Mali.

His father was a dealer in antiques and his oldest brother was a sculptor. These surroundings gave him the opportunity to learn many different art forms from Mali.

Presently he lives in Hamburg, Germany where he continues his art of making sculptures.

Boura specializes in many antique art forms from Mali like

  • the Bambara/Bamana style (originating from the region of Segu),
  • the Djenné-Djenno style (region of Djenné),
  • the Senufo style (region of Sikasso),
  • the Dogon style (Dogon country),
  • the Bozo style (from the Bozo tribe).

He also creates works that are more contemporary.

His works are made in a traditional way from clay, bronze, wood or stone.